Tree crop commercialisation strategy in Ghana — supporting a new national authority to improve environmental and social sustainability

The Nature Facility studied the sustainability implications of the Tree Crop Development Authority’s (TCDA) overall strategy to 2027, the main sustainability issues associated with each of six tree crop value chains (cashew, shea, mango, coconut, rubber, and oil palm) and the strategic choices that TCDA will need to consider to embed sustainability.

Shea trees and farmland in north western Ghana.
Shea trees and farmland in north western Ghana. Credit: Axel Fassio/CIFOR via Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0

Commissioning department: FCDO Ghana, in support of the Ghana Tree Crop Development Authority (TCDA).

The facility gave recommendations on stakeholder engagement, individual tree crop working groups, a cross-cutting national platform on sustainable tree cropping, a tree crop sustainability framework to deploy in standards, extension, certification and tracking – as well as in establishing a Ghana sustainable tree crop brand.


Nature Facility case study