Applying for a grant

REDAA wants to fund different organisations and networks that are keen to be led by local priorities, integrating these into research design and the way findings are communicated. 

Ploughed fields
Ploughed fields of Kibirichia. (Photo: Neil Palmer/CIAT, via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Funding available will range from around £50,000 for short-term seed funds or ‘impact accelerator’ projects, to up to £1.5 million for longer-term multi-year projects. Each call will make clear what kind of grants are available and what kind of projects it is seeking to fund. 

Eligible organisations could range from research institutions, to business networks, to community-based organisations.  

Facilitating the involvement or leadership of people affected directly by environmental degradation will be an important factor in successful proposals, as will full consideration of gender equality and social inclusion. 

Each grant application should show clearly how it will engage decision makers and policymakers in the research and communicate the findings so that action can be facilitated. 

What’s the process? 

There will be several grant calls over the course of the programme, aiming to fund research that fills gaps identified through consultations in each region.

Applications will be made through an online grants application system. Guidance documents will be provided when the first call is announced, and a contact point for applicant support will be made available on this site.  

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