Community of Practice

REDAA is building a Community of Practice where locally led champions come together to connect, share knowledge and empower each other.

We want to create a space for fostering collaboration between grant cohorts to exchange experiences, insights and expertise. Through tailored learning approaches such as surveys, virtual learning events, capacity-boosting support and occasional in-person events, REDAA wants to ensure everyone is equipped to succeed in creating lasting change for nature and people.

The Community of practice will include the broader locally led sector and aims to open up to an extended community of professionals. This will include potential applicants, locally led practitioners, activists and interested individuals. The aim is to share evidence and tools through co-designed learning products such as webinars, podcasts and case studies, to support and accelerate locally led action globally.

This space welcomes REDAA-supported initiatives, potential applicants, collaborators and any individuals or organisations working on, or interested in, locally led research-to-action for ecosystem restoration that helps people and nature to thrive in times of climate, resource and fiscal insecurity. Join us!