Scoping studies

These scoping studies have contributed to shaping the REDAA programme strategy and grant calls, identifying research-to-action gaps, challenges and opportunities to help both people and nature thrive.


Potential priority issues for REDAA in sub-Saharan Africa: A rapid literature review to inform the research-to-action programme REDAA

Potential priority issues for REDAA in sub-Saharan Africa.pdf

This report details a rapid literature review for the REDAA programme, focusing on sub-Saharan Africa. The report concentrates on analysis at a regional level and complements ongoing scoping efforts in the four sub-regions (West, Central, Eastern and Southern Africa). 

Turning the tide on environmental degradation in South Asia: Scoping study of research-to-action priorities for the REDAA programme


Through a literature review, survey, key informant interviews and a set of evaluation criteria this study proposes six research-to-action priority outcomes for improving evidence, tools and governance systems in South Asia. 

The study also identifies 24 potential priority areas where REDAA interventions may be located.