Call for applications - wetland ecosystem modelling in Sri Lanka

Image credit: Martin Seemungal / IWMI via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

One grant will be awarded for this project, which is distinct from the current REDAA grant call. 

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Ogata Research Institute and REDAA are inviting applications to undertake a specific project to carry out wetland ecosystem modelling and economic valuation in the Kalu Oya Basin, Sri Lanka. The project call is open for 6 weeks from 24th July 2023 and the deadline for submitting applications is 4th September 2023

The Kalu Oya Basin, Sri Lanka, has been chosen for work due to the current need to strengthen understanding of this basin. Submitted proposals have scope to determine the basin scope and demarcations of the site informed by a review of available literature and information sources publicly available.

Priority will be given to applications that are led by, or work in partnership with, institutions based in Sri Lanka.

REDAA and JICA encourage project applications that are capable of modelling wetland function under a changing climate. Additionally, applications are encouraged that are able to estimate economic value of wetlands across a range of climates and ecosystem health. We are aware of a range of approaches to model wetland function and economic value. We welcome applications that make the case for, and utilise, specified existing tools. However, applicants may also make the case for development of complementary new tools and methodology. The research project will also require public-facing communication products and training on the findings of the project and the operation of the models.

The timeframe for the project is 12 months after the award of the grant, with a potential 6-month extension should a new context-specific wetland function model be required.

Funding allocation available
A budget of up to £100,000 is available from REDAA for this work. Should the need for a new context-specific wetland function model be agreed, a supplementary detailed proposal will be required and up to an additional £100,000 would be available.

How to apply
Read the terms of reference here and familiarise yourself with REDAA scoping studies. Submit an application by 4th September 2023 to using the email subject title ‘REDAA-JICA ORI wetland project application’.