REDAA in action

REDAA has commissioned a series of scoping studies to inform its strategy including identifying strategic topics and issues with which REDAA should engage.  

REDAA has also been supporting a few demonstrator projects to address environmental degradation and make nature and people thrive together

A family brings in their harvest in Mozambique
A family brings in their harvest in Mozambique. Photo: Jeffrey Barbee, via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The demonstrator projects cover a range of approaches by improving tools, nurturing new cross- disciplinary and multi-stakeholder partnerships and supporting forest and farm producer organisations in Africa. 

The scoping studies cover a wide range of important cross-cutting topics including drivers of environmental degradation, intersectionality, trade-offs, locally-led approaches in addressing environmental degradation and how to improve the use of research in governments for better outcomes for nature and people.

There are also ongoing regional scoping studies and engagements led by regional partners.